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Partial or full dentures are a tried-and-true method for restoring missing teeth. These dental appliances resemble your natural teeth and can enhance the function of your mouth, as well as your smile. Dr. Dasha Frias Landa offers full and partial dentures for patients in Naples, FL. Full-arch dentures take the place of all teeth in the top arch, bottom arch, or both while partial dentures are used when a few of the natural teeth still remain in the jawbone. At Alliance Family Dentistry, you have the option of immediate dentures or same-day dentures. Unlike the conventional method, immediate dentures are placed on the same day your natural teeth are extracted. We can help you decide whether conventional or immediate dentures are right for your goals. Schedule a dental exam to learn more.

To begin the process for same-day full dentures, we will measure your upper and lower jaw. If you're getting same-day partial dentures, impressions will be taken of your teeth. These measurements or impressions will be used to create your immediate full or partial dentures. Once they have been made, you can return to get your natural teeth extracted and your immediate dentures placed. If you go the conventional route, there will be a period of time where you will not have teeth as we will take impressions of your mouth after your teeth have been extracted and your mouth has fully healed. These impressions are then forwarded to a dental lab, which will make your personalized dentures out of high-quality substances. It will take more than one visit to take all appropriate measurements of your mouth and face to fully customize your denture. Furthermore, we will try your denture before it is finally fabricated. Once your restorations are complete, we will ask you to return for a fitting. It will take more than one visit to take all appropriate measurements of your mouth and face to fully customize your denture. Furthermore, we will try on your denture before it is finally fabricated. Dr. Frias Landa will alter your restorations so they fit securely or attach them to previously positioned implants.

I personally had a great time there, I enjoyed the music they played and really appreciated the consideration for their clients care. Their work was superb and the dentures came out very well. Now I have a nice smile to show for it so thank you ladies for all your hard work and help.

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Rediscover your confidence to eat, speak, and smile after losing teeth with a personalized tooth replacement option. Dr. Frias Landa is happy to provide full or partial detachable and implant-supported dentures to individuals in Naples, FL. As an added bonus, we also offer same-day dentures so you won't have to wait to have them created and placed. To learn more about how dentures might reinvigorate your smile, schedule an appointment at Alliance Family Dentistry.

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