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Keeping up with annual dental exams allows you to be proactive about preserving the health of your smile. An annual oral exam at Alliance Family Dentistry assesses your mouth for tooth cavities, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other concerns that could be affecting your dental and overall health. Typically performed during twice-yearly dental cleaning visits, dental exams let Dr. Dasha Frias Landa look at the teeth, gums, bite alignment, temporomandibular joints, and other mouth structures to make way for the prompt diagnosis and management of oral issues. Dr. Frias Landa recommends a comprehensive dental exam for patients that are aware they need to address many issues or haven’t checked their mouth for two years or more. In order to keep up with the health and appearance of your smile, schedule a yearly dental exam at our Naples, FL practice.

Dental exams at our Naples, FL practice begin with an overview of your medical history. We might also speak with you about any oral issues or cosmetic concerns you have with your smile to learn more about your overall dental wellness. During certain yearly visits, a series of advanced x-rays might be performed to give Dr. Frias Landa more knowledge about the condition of your teeth and oral bone structures. She will then conduct a screening for oral cancer, evaluate the alignment of your bite and jaws, assess your teeth for trauma, and check the condition of any dental appliances. A gum assessment might also be offered to see if you have periodontal disease.

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Maintaining a nice smile requires more work than just visiting a dentist when you have an issue. Yearly dental exams at Alliance Family Dentistry provide the chance for prompt diagnosis and treatment for oral problems and are essential in protecting your dental wellness. Arrange your annual oral exams with Dr. Frias Landa at our Naples, FL facility today!

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